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Senis is the global market leader for high accuracy DC/AC magnetic measurement and current sensing. Senis main customers are world-renowned companies and physics laboratories.


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 Licensing - SENIS Inventions
  • Magnetic field scanning and visualization more
  • Magnetic field scanning around large coils 
  • Insulation Defect Localization
  • Monitorig condition of electrical machines more
  • Magnet Tracking more
  • Magnetic Measurement more
  • Current Measurement more
SENIS AG develops, manufactures and provides to its clients advanced instruments for magnetic field measurement and electric current measurement as well as the corresponding development and engineering services. more

SENIS' production, test and calibration facility is ISO 9001 certified. more
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 MagnaChip and SENIS sign patent licence agreement 
 Magnetic Field Scanning System
for quick mapping of magnetic fields.
 Digital Teslameter / Gaussmeter with very high resolution (1ppm) and accuracy (0.001%).
 Ceramic Hall Probes for very High Temperature Range -40°C to+155°C.
 Very Thin Hall Probes <250um
 Newsletter April 2016
 SENIS Teslameter in CERN Courier